Our CSR commitment

SIS, committed to a more sustainable environment

SIS, committed to a more sustainable environment

SIS is committed to a Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSR) process.
The company integrates social, societal and environmental concerns into its activities and its relations with all of its stakeholders.

In 2021, SIS stood out with a silver medal ECOVADIS (platform that offers a complete CSR assessment service).

2020 Ecovadis Sustainability Rating

The 3 pillars of our CSR Commitment

Pillar 1 :

Minimizing our environmental impact

We are committed to doing our utmost to minimize our environmental impact.


Reduce our carbon footprint
Achieve and maintain our performance targets

Our everyday eco-gestures

Sort paper and cardboard
Intelligently regulate your AC
Print on both sides and in black and white
Promote natural light
Use your cup and no longer plastic cups
Put your computer in sleep mode

Committed to recycling WEEE*

SIS is a member of ecosystem, which coordinates the collection, depollution and recycling of our used professional electrical equipment in France, in compliance with the highest environmental requirements.
Ecosystem is a non-profit eco-organization approved by the public authorities for the professional WEEE sector.


*WEEE: Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Pillar 2 :

Taking care of our employees

As a Worker cooperative, our CSR commitment spontaneously includes the well-being of our employees. We place this challenge at the heart of our organization, an inherent condition in the exercise of our activities.

Objective: "zero accident"

Our goal is “zero accident”, a result that we have proudly achieved for many years. These victories are due to the means of prevention and awareness made available to our supportive and conscientious staff.

SIS, committed to Diversity

SIS promotes diversity within its teams and is committed to this through a Charter.

Ethnic origin, nationality, color, sex, language, religion, political opinions or any other point of view, social status, personal assets, birth, or any other condition shall not be prejudicial to personnel

Within SIS, no employee will be subject to arbitrary interventions in his private life, his family, his home, or attacks upon his honour and reputation.

We are committed to ensuring that no one is :

  • Degraded,

  • Discriminated or humiliated by work tasks,

  • The object of verbal or physical violence,

  • Placed in working conditions that are harmful to his health,

  • Confronted with acts that may be considered as an attack on his dignity.

Pillar 3 :

Maintaining a relationship of trust with our Subcontractors / Suppliers Purchasing Policy

Politique d’Achats

Purchasing, an essential function at SIS, plays an active role in the company performance.

This mission contributes to improving the quality, competitiveness and reliability of our solutions.

Lasting and trusting partnerships

We want to establish lasting and trusting partnerships with our suppliers and subcontractors. Thus, this allows us to buy under the best conditions of cost, quality, time and service.

We mainly work with national subcontractors in order to minimize our environmental impact.