SIS, looking to its talents future

As an actor in your energy networks, SIS has developed a brilliant and ambitious social model. An increasingly human company, SIS unites its employees around strong values, and looks to their future.

The 4 foundations of our HR Policy



Equity for all

We hire mainly on permanent contracts and we have a fair remuneration policy without discrimination.

We are committed to ensuring that employees are remunerated in accordance with their skills.

L’équité pour tous
partage des connaissances


Knowledge sharing

Safeguarding our business expertise is a strong focus of our strategy. We are therefore investing in the development and sharing of our employees skills. Our staff is aware of these challenge and is involved with the company management.


Our talents commitment

Our ambition is to keep a talented and committed staff by our side for as long as possible. We allocate the necessary resources to allow everyone to find his place and develop professionally.

We encourage our employees to share the values of the company throughout their professional life.

bien-être au Travail


Well-being promotion at work

Well-being at work is a key element against burnout, in which dialogue plays an essential role. Thanks to the organization of our structure, we offer accessible and communicative management. We do everything we can to give meaning to work, motivate and recognize everyone’s investment.

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SIS is a company on a human scale which offers career opportunities to support its development and reveal its talents.

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