Wize Alliance

Wize Alliance

An international professional association, to promote the Internet of Things

The WIZE alliance was created in 2017 by GRDF, Suez and Sagemcom to promote the adoption of the IoT network of the same name in the world of industry and urban public services. This non-profit association works on the harmonization of protocols in order to become the new Smart City standard.

The WIZE solution is an innovative IOT protocol in data acquisition and remote management. The data transported by this protocol easily cross walls and thick vaults of homes basement. This system has already been proven in more than 500 cities and 15 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Technology that meets the manufacturers needs

Wize protocol offers the best radio network efficiency with lowest concentrators number. WIZE technology combines:

  • Low frequency radio (169Mhz)
  • Low consumption (communication + data)
  • Low flow
  • Long range
  • Bidirectional

Robust, easy and digital, WIZE offers a first choice solution to meet the « tomorrow’s » urban challenges (Smart Grids).

The advantages of WIZE technology:

  • Less energy consumed (more than 10 years of product autonomy)
  • Minimized radio infrastructure
  • Optimized total cost (infrastructure already present thanks to the GAZPAR meters)

WIZE is mainly developed to meet industrial needs:

  • Smart metering : water, gas, oil etc.
  • Smart city
  • Waste management
  • Industry 4.0
  • Renewable energies
  • City lighting …

SIS member of the alliance

Member of the WIZE alliance since 2020, SIS works on the connected objects future (Internet of Things or IoT).

Our solutions will be:

  • More secure thanks to encrypted communication

  • More autonomous

  • Efficient in environments where cellular technology is inadequate

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