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Cathodic protection monitoring

SIS, a recognized expertise in the field

SIS is an essential expert in cathodic protection remote monitoring.

Corrosion is a real scourge in many industries The phenomenon of “stray currents” accelerates and worsens metal structures deterioration. Materials Degradation increases the risk of accidents and unplanned shutdowns. In addition, these incidents have an impact on your profitability while being a threat to your staff and your environment.

So you want:

  • To extend the life of your metal heritage
  • To have a much more detailed analysis of the data collected, particularly in terms of drainage

SIS offers you a solution for monitoring cathodic protection systems that combines precision and profitability.


A more detailed data analysis

Our stand-alone station TAIGA PC adapts perfectly to your technical expectations in cathodic protection.

TAIGA PC will allow you to:

  • Adjust your transformer rectifier units (TRU)
  • Ensure the efficiency of your drainage units (FDU or NDU)
  • Receive alarms in the event of a malfunction
We bring you a revolutionary, innovative and unique approach to drainage!

Taïga PC

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