Our Values

Undertake differently

SIS has chosen a french legal status that reflects human and social values : SCOP (Worker cooperative).

This means that you are using a company that is owned by its employees. It’s for you:
  • The promise of a voluntary and solid commitment
  • A democratic governance: everyone’s voice counts
  • A healthy and reliable customer relationship: the primacy of collective interest over individual interest
Entreprendre autrement

Valuing people


Our cooperative status allows us to reconcile economic growth and the well-being of our employees.

The combination of our human capital and a strategy that is both coherent and ambitious contributes to the development of our company. It is a guarantee of trust and security for all stakeholders.

The "made in France" guarantee

All of our solutions are designed and developed in Aubagne, France.

We manufacture our products in our factory and work closely with French subcontractors.
We have chosen “made in France” to preserve jobs and support the national economy.

This proximity to our subcontractors and our suppliers ensures consistently high quality and limits our environmental impact.