Who We are ?

SIS, a key player in energy networks remote management

We design and manufacture communicating, ATEX and low consumption electronic devices for energy networks monitoring.

With more than 50 years of experience, SIS provides manufacturers, in France and internationally, with solutions that combine performance and innovation.

By relying on the latest technologies our products allow essential operations to be carried out:

réseaux d’énergie


An industrial, agile and collaborative company

SIS, entreprise de gestion des réseaux d'énergie

Since 2004, SIS, acronym for Sevme Informatique & Services, ensures the continuity of Sevme Informatique's activities (from 1967 to 2004).

The company was one of the pioneers in remote data transmission of energy networks.

The success of SIS is the result of the synergy of talents with multiple and complementary profiles. Coming from a variety of backgrounds, our employees share the same values:

Team spirit

This common vision is at the service of those who trust us. Their satisfaction is at the heart of our concern. SIS is part of a culture of close collaboration with all of its customers.

Tailored solutions to your energy networks

The growing level of regulatory requirements imposes a constant modularity of your needs.

SIS adapts to these changes and offers you the possibility of:

Our experts design and manufacture communicating electronic equipment (3G, 4G, WIZE, LORA, etc.), with low consumption for the monitoring and security of your energy networks:

  • Gas volume conversion devices (corrector)
  • Data loggers
  • Related services

SIS puts innovation at the heart of your networks

Thanks to its teams of R&D engineers, SIS works to define the products of the future. The new generation of equipment will be:

More compact
More autonomous
More intelligent

SIS is at the heart of innovation in order to meet the growing needs for ever smarter management of energy distribution infrastructures.

We assist the largest European gas operators. We support them in the remote management of around 400,000 km of pipelines.
The security of your networks is our priority. SIS is committed to meeting all challenges by your side. Adaptability, transparency, security and trust are the hallmarks of our innovative solutions.

Let's build Tomorrow’s network together.